Gingerbread House Making Events


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Gingerbread House Making – what a wonderful Christmas tradition!
Gingerbread is a sweet biscuit-like food product, spiced with ginger and a mixture of other spices. Gingerbread not only tastes and smells delicious but is also versatile enough to build model houses with and last for months without spoiling. The tradition of Gingerbread House Making can be traced back to Germany in the 1800s.
Many groups in Australia hold Gingerbread House Making Events leading up to Christmas. As well as being loads of fun, these events have a great community feel and wonderful Christmas spirit about them. Gingerbread house making events work well for Church outreaches, family gatherings, community events, group fundraisers and work Christmas parties.
Gingerbread house making can become a wonderful family tradition during the Christmas season. It’s an activity that anyone can participate in, young and old alike, and something that everyone can enjoy. There are so many creative ways that our houses can be decorated and brought to life. It’s amazing how every completed house looks unique! A decorated house also makes a wonderful centre-piece for the dinner table and will leave your house smelling like magic at Christmas time.
Here, at Jordan’s Gingerbread we cater for Gingerbread House Making Events and have been doing so for over 15 years. Our Gingerbread House Kits come with 6 gingerbread house pieces, royal icing pre-loaded in a piping bag, a silver board, a ribbon fastener to hold the house together while setting, and the option of cello to wrap the finished product. We pack these gingerbread house kits in bulk and deliver them to groups around Sydney for gingerbread house making events at Christmas time. We also offer the option to pick up the kits from our bakery in Riverstone, NSW

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