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Jordan’s Gingerbread cater for large and small Gingerbread House Making Events.

Firstly, it is important to understand the two different systems of ordering depending on the size of your event. Orders are broken into two categories:

Small Orders (under 20 house kits)

Bulk Orders  (20 house kits or over)

Small Orders (under 20 kits)

To place a small order simply go the Online shop and follow prompts. We accept PayPal, credit card, EFT or cheque/cash on pick-up. Delivery and pick-up options available.

Bulk Orders (20 kits or more)

For Bulk Orders you have the option to Pay Now or Pay Later. We give a Pay Later because we understand the difficulties involved in collecting monies for large events. If your order is a Bulk Order you have the option to pay by PayPal, Credit Card, EFT, cheque or cash on pick-up/delivery. You will receive an email to comfirm payment method.

If you are planning to organise a large Gingerbread Making Event at your Church or organisation it is best that you place a TENTATIVE ORDER first to assure stock is available.

Tentative Bulk Order – email Emma Jordan,


    • Personal name and Contact information
    • Name, Address, and Contact number of your Organisation
    • Event Date
    • Estimate of Number of House Kits needed

We require NO DEPOSIT for Tentative Orders and you may CANCEL the order at any time with no charge. Tentative Orders help us to coordinate production and allocate kits. It is a good idea to place a tentative order as early as you can to assure you will get the number of kits you would like. You will then receive an email to acknowledge receipt of your tentative order.

Final Bulk Order

We require the final order 5 days before the date you would like your gingerbread if in the Sydney metro and 8 days before the date you would like your gingerbread if outside Sydney Metro.

Please place your final order through the Online shop

Pay Now or Pay Later Options for Bulk Orders

If you choose to pay now you will need to pay for your order via PayPal (credit card options available). If you choose to pay later your order will still be placed and you will receive an email showing the total amount owing, our details for electronic banking, and a notice explaining you have a month to pay the total. We feel it is important to allow time for payment as we understand how difficult it can be, particularly for Churches, to collect monies for such large events. In addition to payment via EFT, we also accept cheques and cash on pick-up or delivery.

Please Note: We have delivery and Pick-Up Options for all orders

Gluten Free Gingerbread is also available for 2017. Due to limited quantities, please email gluten free orders with your tentative order to ASAP.

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